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Art Off-Campus

Merced is home to a vibrant community of local art organizations that provide opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike to connect and engage with the arts. These organizations offer a variety of events, programs, and services that promote cultural diversity, creativity, and education. Through these organizations, individuals can participate in art classes, exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and other activities that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the region. These community art organizations play a vital role in supporting and showcasing the work of local artists, as well as fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts among community members of all ages and backgrounds.

Arbor Gallery

The Art Kamangar Center at the Merced Theatre

Gottschalk Music Center

Ingram's Music

Kreepy Kawaii Designs

Merced College Art Gallery

Merced County Office of Education - Arts Now

Merced Shakespearefest

Merced Symphony

Multicultural Arts Center

Playhouse Merced

Tigers & Daggers Records

Tonia Hemme Fine Art & Creations


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