Arts UC Merced Presents Mission Statement


" ... to ignore the arts and humanities is to commit
cultural suicide. The arts help us discern what it is to be fully
human, and to live in the society of other humans ... "


- C.L. Max Nikias, provost of the University of Southern California


The University of California has a history of demonstrating great respect for the contribution that artists make to the quality of education and quality of life.  Programs such as UCI Arts (at UC Irvine), Cal Performances (at UC Berkeley), ArtPower! (at UC San Diego) and programs presented by the UC Davis Mondavi Center bring accomplished artists to perform and to exhibit their works for students, faculty, staff and their communities.  Universities play an important role in the support and preservation of art and arts forms that might otherwise be marginalized and largely unknown to the wider public.

Performers of world music, forms of art created with the use of new technologies, and edgy performance art are all finding support on university campuses, as are highly accomplished composers of contemporary classical music, choreographers, theatre artists, and performers of musical and dance traditions from the third world.  Universities play a crucial role in helping to preserve the notion that the arts not only entertain but also educate and enrich.

“Arts UC Merced Presents .  .  .  “ is providing a range of art programming.  The performance series presents the art of professional performers and fine artists from the San Joaquin Valley and from across the world.  It also showcases the work of artists participating in the UC Merced Artist in Residence Program, and the work of the finest of UC Merced student artists.


Contact Information:
Patricia Vergara -- Director of Arts at UC Merced Presents and Assistant Professor of Music. Email: pvergara2@ucmerced.edu

Christina Lux -- Associate Director of The Center for the Humanities at UC Merced. Email: